December “Daily” Preparation

For the first time ever, I thought I’d try out the “December Daily” mini album idea. Or at least some version of it. I doubt mine will be every day, more like weekly with highlights. My style will probably be more just a homage to winter and the holiday season, i.e. no personal photographs or written journaling, instead just art and layouts. Before December actually arrives and day one of this “daily” book starts, I thought I should probably prepare.

december daily cover

For the cover:

I had a piece of cardboard or stock or something left over from once upon a time and I really liked the clean white coloring of it and the subtly ribbed texture it had. I cut it in half and then trimmed it to more journal-common proportions (around 4.5 x 6.5 range). First I added the blue wash using a watered down crazy mix of: acrylic paints in Cobalt blue, Phylo blue, Lemon Yellow, and Titanium white; Retarder, and Matte Medium. I applied this mix with a sponge and blended it with some brushes and a paper towel.

december daily empty cover

Second, I blended over the blue with a random iridescent clear/white paint that was originally for puffy paint style but has gotten old over the years. Over that, I had snow texture paint we had in the garage and sponged that around until eventually sweeping it into a centered circle. I used the wet paint with some extra matte medium on top to attach a wooden snowflake over a mini tag, leftover from my mother’s wrapping materials some other holiday season. (Obviously, from the empty rings, I have no preset pages and will be adding them fresh as I go.)

december daily back cover

Then, the back cover was done with basically the same materials. I sponged the blue mix over a stencil and once dry, sponged the snow with gesso over the blue. Some final hole punches completed the cover. (I did mess up, even with focus and planning, by punching the holes offset for the back cover and will worry about hiding those wrong spots later).


I threw everything I was likely to consider using in a thrifted sewing box not only for access and “organization” but to help keep the style of my album a bit more cohesive. I thought it would be fun to do this journal like one big piece rather than like my 2015 journal where each page was a separate work. You can see some of what is thrown in there, its quite a bit.

december daily supplies

Since I don’t have a ton of Christmas specific things, I choose a small handful of free printables that I liked. I rarely use these since it involves printing and ink blah blah but I thought it could be fun this round.

december daily tools

You can see a couple of the printables, but only a few. I picked and printed from collections I found around, sources here:

Are you doing a December Daily this year?


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