December 2015 Wrap Up: Parisian Christmas Present and January Calendar

Madeline Christmas Gift set

For my redheaded best friend’s baby (often mentioned or alluded to on this blog), I coupled Madeline’s Christmas with a Parisian style box/dollhouse that I painted. Madeline was a special favorite for both my friend and I when we were little so I know we will be passing that tradition to my little “niece.”

paris building boxPainted Paris dollhouse Storage Box




Box Lid Painted Paris Building Style

I actually was testing out new paints, hand-me-downs from my grandmother, a heat set type of painting called Genesis. The colors she gave me are gorgeous and the finish is nice and the ability to layer handy. However, heat setting takes time and effort that can drive me nuts. I’ll have to use them some more to form a full opinion.

doll house storage box back (The color carries around the box without additional details.)

As stated in my New Years Resolution post, I thought I would try making my monthly wall calendar pages by hand as a way to have a visual calendar without buying one as well as having an opportunity to practice techniques.

2016 calendar Jan

For January, I tried out some resisting methods with a white crayon and used both regular pan watercolors and Aquastick watercolor crayon-like things to paint the night sky and moons. Since my activities don’t start until late January, I didn’t feel the need to leave much room for writing and marking.

Happy 2016!


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