Hand Lettering Practice: Round 1

Hand lettering journal Steinbeck Winter of Discontent

As I mentioned in my New Year’s post, I want to explore lettering more this year. The intro page below was done a while back, the first time I resolved to practice lettering more…woops. This time, however, I have made it much farther on my mission.

Update: I believe that Steinbeck quote was misfiled in my phone notes and is actually from East of Eden, I have a vague memory of Samuel saying something like that after speaking with Lee…Embarassing

Hand Lettering Journal Intro Page

The background for these photos is actually my new “mood board” that I painted and texturized for a faux distressed wall look, I’ll be posting more on this later.

Hand lettering journal A study

Hand lettering journal B study

So far, I’m mostly doing alphabet letter “studies.” Over Christmas, I borrowed some art books from my Grandmother, an actual artist, including this very old lettering book picture below with my practice journal.

Hand lettering practice books

Most of the fonts after A and B are from this lettering book. I even labeled which font I used for each line of my resolutions page below.

Hand lettering journal New Years Resolutions

Along with alphabet studies, I’ve been starting to work on quotes. I have a habit of quickly adding quotes that strike me while reading to my iPhone notes. The goal now is to begin moving these quotes out of my phone and on to paper. The quote pictured at the beginning and end of this post is by John Steinbeck in his book, The Winter of Our Discontent.

Hand lettering journal Steinbeck quote


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