Views from Our Windows: Watercolor Sketches


As you may know, the past months included my family staging, selling, and moving out of our old home that we had spent the last 23 years in (well, 22 in my case.) During that time, I wanted to capture the memories in a way the beautiful photos taken of our home for the sale could not. As the inside of our home was filled with objects that were not our own, I looked outwards for inspiration and chose to paint the views seen from various windows in our home. This travel-style sketchbook was given to my mother.

The sketched were done with Faber pens, a limited color palette, and a waterbrush. Here are some highlights:

I started with my own views.

20160523_191146000_iOS lemon window view

One featured our friends across the street’s home.

brothers view

I paid extra attention to my mother’s spot in the kitchen.

kitchen view

I included one sketch of our house’s outside to wrap things up.



Hello again and Lily’s First Birthday

I’m back!

I officially graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Administration, concentration in marketing, and a minor in English Literature. Now, I once again have the time to create and share those creations with all of you!

My best friend’s baby turned one back in April!

Here’s what I whipped up as part of my present to Lily and a quick shot with the birthday girl herself:

lily teacup


Watercolor Owls

Watercolor Horned Owl -based on my cat

This is a bit odd, even for me, but the watercolor above is actually me reimagining my cat as an owl. I, and those I know, have always thought she had more of an owl-like feel to her than the average cat. So here is my cat turned into a horned, patterned owl. In case you’re newer to my blogs and don’t know Kristy, I have supplied a photo of her below. She cute, I know.

Kristy the Cat

My first owl attempt was a basic barn owl I experimented with.

Watercolor First Try at Barn Owl

New Year’s Art Resolutions

Honestly, I’m not much of a New Years resolutions kind of gal. I am always creating new challenges and goals at any time of the year, most which I blow off because I am lazy. However, I think this is the perfect time to establish some new art goals and self-imposed challenges.

The main areas I would like to improve in are: hand lettering, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and book making. In terms of habits, I’d like to be better at frequency of practice, project completion, organization of supplies, and cleaning up after my projects haha.

My specific art resolutions are:

  1. Handmade calendar pages
  2. Give away my works to more people
  3. Study and practice more
  4. More book making

1) Calendar Challenge: I sort of like to have a physical, wall calendar, but I hate to buy them. So the idea I have here is to spend some time the month before making a calendar page. This way, I make something useful, which is motivating, and have an opportunity to practice hand lettering along with any other painting or drawing I chose to do. This also allows flexibility in how simple or complex the entry can be which allows for me to complete it even in busier months.

2) I tend to be shy about my interests and the things I make. This year, I want to being to overcome that feeling of embarrassment about giving people, beyond my family and closest friend, the stuff I make and remember that everyone appreciates the work I put in for them, even if they may not like the art itself. But hopefully they will!

3) Follow more art tutorials and step by steps found online or in the art books I borrow from my grandmother or the library. Practice new skills and ‘officialize’ techniques. Do studies of objects and ideas etc.

4) Doing the December Daily, which I am working to finish, re-ignited my interest in book making from scratch or even just altering existing ones. Though the December daily was difficult in terms of timing, I’d like to do less deadline-oriented book making. I’ll be exploring more into mini albums, fabric books, mixed media, etc.

Quick, Easy, and Temporary Photo Albums

Temporary Photo Albums - Withcraftsandlace

A while back I was able to get 100 free prints (4×6) as a special deal from Shutterfly. I chose a handful of photos from trip abroad so as to share with family. To make the photos easier to view, but without damaging them in case I ever change my mind, I whipped up some simple, but cute, temporary albums.

Temporary Photo Albums - Withcraftsandlace

I ripped some paper from an old sketchbook and cut the pieces in half for the pages. After sketching out a pattern and drilling some holes, I simply stitched them up with embroidery floss. Easy!

Temporary Photo Albums - Withcraftsandlace

I stitched the first album up before putting in the photos. The photos added more bulk than I expected so I bound the second album after attaching prints. I used some old washi paper tape from Cavallini and Co. to attach my photos and now my family has some cute coffee table albums of my trip.

Temporary Photo Albums - Withcraftsandlace

April Photo Round-Up

April Photo Round Up - Withcraftsandlace

Across my digital canvases, (tumblr, wordpress, twitter, pinterest) I cultivated a handful of images featuring my works and my life throughout April.

From upper left to bottom right:

Here’s to a great, but busy, May to come!

Watercolor Flowers with My Cat

Watercolors with Cats - Withcraftsandlace

A few weeks back, my friend requested I “make her one” while exchanging Snapchats of my watercolor experiments. Kristy didn’t leave room on the backdrop for taking many photos. I couldn’t move her because she looked so comfy, so I decided to use her as a prop. I wanted to play with multicolored flowers and the blended, floaty look watercolor can make rather than some of my simpler, monochrome flower patterns.

Watercolor flowers pattern in blended peaches, purples, and yellows for a friend. Kitty paw in the corner - withcraftsandlace
Check out that kitty paw sneaking in by the lower corner

I wrote “By: Jane Austen” as a reference to her novel, Emma, which I am quite fond of. My friend is a book-type so she will get the allusion. I just used sketchbook paper that I had on hand which doesn’t work as well with watercolors but I like the color, size, and weight of it better than the only watercolor paper I currently have.

Painting practice for a friend with my kitty cat - withcraftsandlace

You may be able to tell from this that I am particularly into shades of peach right now. Keep that in mind for a post I will be doing later!

Welcome to My New WordPress


Hello my friends!

In addition to my Tumblr, I will now be running a WordPress. While I will continue to use Tumblr in the same way as before, I plan to expand to WordPress for posts that have multiple photos, stories or longer descriptions, and tutorials. I aim to update this new blog about once a week, in the early days, as I am doing now. I hope you enjoy this new aspect to my blog and check in weekly for in-depth projects and updates.

What if I don’t have WordPress?

No problem! You can sign for updates via email, just look on the sidebar of this WordPress blog. Or, if you are following me on Tumblr and/or Twitter, I will make sure to let you know when there is a new post.

Where do I start?

I’ve imported some of my Tumblr’s recent and well-known posts to this WordPress blog. There are links in the sidebar under ‘Recent Posts’ or you can use the drop-down menu, also located in the sidebar, to find posts interesting to you by Category. Or, take a moment to get to know me a bit better by hitting the ‘About Me’ tab under my blog’s header. Explore and Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting!

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A French Christmas Card

A Christmas card I made for the French family taking me in this holiday. I’m very lucky to have somewhere wonderful to be during my Christmas abroad!

For the card’s base, I dyed some art paper with coffee. I then layered a cutting from a brown paper bag, a scrap of lace, and a paper doily I bought here in the UK. Embellishments include a lovely, pastel green Prima button, a small white tag that I water-colored a Mosaic-style star on, and some “Paris” Cavallini & Co. washi tape – as a silly homage to the location. 

I would like to enter this card in Simon Say’s Stamp’s last Monday Challenge of 2015, ‘Anything Goes’: 

Happy Holidays my lovelies!

Kristy the Kitty Cat Gets a Tent

Before I abandon my cat for an entire semester, I thought I should do another update of her kitty cat tent. She looks silly, falling asleep with half closed eyes. This is how the tent looks in soft morning light, perhaps I will take another photo to better show the designs later.

The tent is made entirely of materials I already had on hand: old tablecloth/sheet material, lace cut from an old shirt, fake flowers and leather, and bamboo sticks. I used my acrylics to paint the tent. I tried to create a sorta whimsical pattern – not too “boho” and not too “cutesy”. The color choices were inspired by new dresser knobs shown in the back. Back side shown here. 

I stuck an old, folded up, flannel sheet with a cat print (that my kitty amusingly loves to sleep on) in there for a nice cushy base. 

This project was adapted from this tutorial.