One of Each: Paired Paintings of European Buildings

european paintings paired (2)

Why choose between watercolor and acrylics? I got back into acrylics for the first time in a very long time with this British street scene. I went for almost an oils-approach with tons of texture and smudging. I’m crazy about acrylic mediums like gels and pastes. They make unimaginable depth.

england street on canvas (2)

As is often the case with me, this is based on a photo I took while abroad – this one in Nottingham.


The acrylic canvas was a spur of the moment idea but after I was so happy with it, I decided I needed it to be part of some sort of set. Because, of course. So I used the same general palette for a minimalistic, subtle, watercolor complement.

bath building in watercolor (2)

This one was a loose interpretation of a photo taken in Bath.



Miniature Warblers on Miniature Canvases

birds in a row

It’s that time of the semester that I start making a lot more junk and doing a lot less productivity. But here you are, three little birds, warblers actually, on three little canvases.

Mini birds 3 set

I had planned to do four (4 pack of canvases) but my TV show was almost over by the time I finished the third bird. Three is a good number for decorating anyways.

Bird 2nd of 3

All done in solely acrylic paint. I lined them up in between the top of my curtains and my ceiling.

Mini bird painting 1 of 3

Experiment: Altered Canvas into Wall Organizer

This was an experimental project. It’s an altered canvas turned into a note holder wall organizer thing.

I used my little alphabet stamps in a random order along with distress ink to make the background, vintage sheet music on the other side that is revealed once I cut and rolled open the canvas, handmade scrappy mini bunting strung across the back and a clothesline wire strung further forward. The teacups were hand cut from the wood boxes shown before and then I used watercolor pencils and inks to decorate them.

For now, my clothesline features a Cavallini & co. notecard and one of the vintage, blank, postcards recently given to me by my grandparents.

This is also my first time participating in a Simon Says Stamp challenge. I thought this week’s Monday challenge, Start from Scratch, was right up my alley.

Entering Start from Scratch: