Birds of a Feather: Paired Paintings

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m digging painting paired pieces right now. This holiday, I wanted to make my grandparents a different painting each but make the paintings complement each other.

My grandmother is a skilled watercolorist. Since she has been painting less these days, she handed me down a shoebox’s worth of her paints. I used many of those in these paintings from mayan blue to quinacridone gold.

watercolor bird (2)

I went for a bird theme to go with their house. A floral branch is more my grandmother’s taste and the rock is a nod to my grandfather’s participation in geology.

bird of a feather (2)


Watercolor Flowers with My Cat

Watercolors with Cats - Withcraftsandlace

A few weeks back, my friend requested I “make her one” while exchanging Snapchats of my watercolor experiments. Kristy didn’t leave room on the backdrop for taking many photos. I couldn’t move her because she looked so comfy, so I decided to use her as a prop. I wanted to play with multicolored flowers and the blended, floaty look watercolor can make rather than some of my simpler, monochrome flower patterns.

Watercolor flowers pattern in blended peaches, purples, and yellows for a friend. Kitty paw in the corner - withcraftsandlace
Check out that kitty paw sneaking in by the lower corner

I wrote “By: Jane Austen” as a reference to her novel, Emma, which I am quite fond of. My friend is a book-type so she will get the allusion. I just used sketchbook paper that I had on hand which doesn’t work as well with watercolors but I like the color, size, and weight of it better than the only watercolor paper I currently have.

Painting practice for a friend with my kitty cat - withcraftsandlace

You may be able to tell from this that I am particularly into shades of peach right now. Keep that in mind for a post I will be doing later!