Watercolor practice 1

I turned one of my hoarded notebooks into a journal for practicing watercolor. (more on that later) Here is the page (in-process pic shown here) following this tutorial to help practice blending skills.

But I still have three journals to use, what are your ideas? 


Monthly Art Journal Entry: February

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed a board about altering day planners. I bought a planner I liked the size and format of last year thinking it would cover fall semester of 14 and then 2015. But when I ripped that goodie open, turned out it was really only useful for 2015.

So I found a simple agenda on sale to use until I could switch to my preferred one. I chose a pretty hardcover one to re-purpose in the new year, a process I will discuss more at another time. I have decided to do a spread for each month, focusing on some theme or event that stuck out during those weeks. 

Since I spent most of January preparing to leave the UK and then settling back down in the US,the pages focus on transitions/changes, as highlighted by the leaves falling – my first time playing with my acrylic paints since September. 

Travel Journal: Paris Pages

Some more Paris pages

On the left I layered a thin white paper pocket with a small map of Paris and a polaroid-style frame. I used a label from a Paris store, a gold &, and some Paris washi tape as embellishments. In the pocket I stuck a little note from the friend I was staying with.

On the right, I used a cut out from the Opera visitor brochure and layered it over white tissue paper and my Opera ticket. Any Phantom of the Opera fans out there? I know I am haha. A matching gold day flat and Paris washi tape were added for decoration. I paper clipped a wooden veneer dangling by a gold thread.

On the outer corner of each page I sewed on the lace so it is a loose trim above each page.

I will also enter this in Simon Says Stamp Anything goes challenge for the new year: http://www.simonsaysstampblog.com/wednesdaychallenge/

A French Christmas Card

A Christmas card I made for the French family taking me in this holiday. I’m very lucky to have somewhere wonderful to be during my Christmas abroad!

For the card’s base, I dyed some art paper with coffee. I then layered a cutting from a brown paper bag, a scrap of lace, and a paper doily I bought here in the UK. Embellishments include a lovely, pastel green Prima button, a small white tag that I water-colored a Mosaic-style star on, and some “Paris” Cavallini & Co. washi tape – as a silly homage to the location. 

I would like to enter this card in Simon Say’s Stamp’s last Monday Challenge of 2015, ‘Anything Goes’: http://www.simonsaysstampblog.com/mondaychallenge/ 

Happy Holidays my lovelies!

A Seascape in an Altered Mint Tin

For my Frenchie from Paris with roots in Brittany, I altered a mint tin as part of her presents. About every other week, she says she “needs to see the sea, ASAP” so I made a seascape for those moments in between in a sort of paper diorama-style 

The clown fish has a fishing pole trailing from his mouth, so you know.

A Harry Potter-themed Altered Box

I picked up a vintage Snakes and Ladders game for 95 pence at a thrift store to alter. I dipped the natural wood box in strong black tea to tone down the coloring and flipped the lid over so the S&L game board would be on the inside. I chose to keep the game board and pieces with the present for fun. 

I then used watercolors in browns to age the edges of the map piece, cut from a Nottingham map, and attached it to the lid. I wrote out Harry Potter’s address on a vintage postcard and attached that as well.

The sides have drawings on them as seen in other photos.

Travel Journal: Christmas Market Entry

Entry in my travel journal about my visit at the Jane Austen Center. 

The background has a lace pattern that was rubbed on with a crayon at the Nottingham Castle museum. I covered it with a thin piece of napkin to tone down the brown and prevent any wax rubbing on the other pages. The Cavallini notecard, featuring a truffle candy pattern, has all my journalling about my Bath trip in it. I wrote a Jane Austen quote on the paper which folds open to reveal my attempt at writing with a real quill, an activity at the center.

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings” – Jane Austen

Also thought I would enter the Simon Says Wednesday Challenge, Anything Goes: http://www.simonsaysstampblog.com/wednesdaychallenge/simon-says-anything-goes-10/

Travel Journal: Coffee, tea, and flowers

New pages in my travel journal. The left is an entry about my day trip in Manchester. The right features different tea tags I’ve kept. Sandwiched between is a coffee sleeve from the UK-only Caffe Nero which folds open, as I will show soon.

Original page

Travel Journal: An English Flag

Left side: I made a background of scraps from my Oxford day trip but the colors were too harsh so I layered a semi-transparent postcard bag that says “Oxford Castle” on it.

On top of that, I sewed on a circle with the University of Oxford seal, which moves to reveal the background.

I also attached a beautiful painting of Oxford that I cut out of the museum leaflet and turned into a pocket for tags that I journalled on.

Right side: A postcard bag that had the British flag printed on it, I made it a pocket/envelope to store things in later.

Travel Journal: A Day in Cambridge

A photo-heavy page, mostly focused on my Cambridge day trip but includes the Stonehenge ticket and what not. A watercolor pencil peony-type of flower is on the pocket where hidden journaling goes.