Layering Traditional and Modern

wood slice painting

I’ve been wanting to paint a wood slice ala hip and trendy style for a while now. In my grandfather’s old stuff, my mom found this slab for me. It had a print on it already and even though I always feel bad covering a form of art, I gessoed a handful of layers and got myself a nice wood canvas. I sanded down the gesso to a smoother texture, though the wood grain still added a nice texture to the base.

I chose to do my painting in this almost graphical-pop art-new wave style to counteract the traditional landscape subject on the natural canvas. It took tons of layers and I spilled some retarder which caused me to fear it may never dry. Luckily, it did and was thoroughly sealed and finished. It’s a handy painting compared to the framed paper paintings on my wall. For example, it makes a good…

1. Piece for wall art

mountains on wood

2. Table tray for cocktails and candles

mountains on wood tray

3. A miniature stage for toddlers to dance on

mountains on wood with kid

Hopefully I’ll scrounge up another slab of wood soon…


A Card Shooting for the Moon

shoot for the moon birthday card with watercolors - withcraftsandlace

Recently, one of my old French roommates had a birthday so I painted up a watercolor card to mail overseas. I used both sides and went for a really cheesy message as a joke. The side with the moon has a gesso background but the back painting was applied directly. Everything was watercolor except the black lettering which was pen and the white lettering which was acrylic paint to minimize transparency.

To take full advantage of my overseas mail opportunity, I included a generic card for his mother who hosted me for Christmas. I loosely attached layers of sketchbook paper I had had used watercolor on previously and one of my favorite embellishments.

Happy birthday to my friend!

shoot for the moon birthday card with watercolors - withcraftsandlace