Views from Our Windows: Watercolor Sketches


As you may know, the past months included my family staging, selling, and moving out of our old home that we had spent the last 23 years in (well, 22 in my case.) During that time, I wanted to capture the memories in a way the beautiful photos taken of our home for the sale could not. As the inside of our home was filled with objects that were not our own, I looked outwards for inspiration and chose to paint the views seen from various windows in our home. This travel-style sketchbook was given to my mother.

The sketched were done with Faber pens, a limited color palette, and a waterbrush. Here are some highlights:

I started with my own views.

20160523_191146000_iOS lemon window view

One featured our friends across the street’s home.

brothers view

I paid extra attention to my mother’s spot in the kitchen.

kitchen view

I included one sketch of our house’s outside to wrap things up.



June Journal Entry: A homage to Coffee

I’ll admit I had a lot of trouble fixing on a ‘theme’ for June. It was a fairly typical summer month. My most interesting accomplishment was probably finishing Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned (an interesting read but I’d still recommend his first novel, This Side of Paradise, over it.) So browsing for inspiration online while sipping my morning coffee, I checked the Simon Says Stamp challenges, which I have been recently neglecting (link below.) The Monday theme was Coffee & Tea. Now, every month for me is a coffee month but I think June is a good time to publicly celebrate it, don’t you?
Cup of June Journal Entry

The page was a bit ripped and textured to begin with from earlier, discarded ideas. I added some illustrations and lettering with a few different types of black pens (all permanent and waterproof) to help variety. I also included a quote from my recent read. Books and coffee always go well together.

“Life plays the same lovely and agonizing joke on all of us.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned

June Art Journal Entry 2015 Coffee themed - withcraftsandlace

Once the ink was dry, I started layering different washes of watercolor by section. For spots that turned too bright and couldn’t be watered down more, I later smoothed some white acrylic paint. I also used the paint with my stencil (picked up from Simon Says Stamp a while back) for subtle interest.

June Art Journal Entry 2015 Coffee themed - withcraftsandlace                     June Art Journal Entry 2015 Coffee themed - withcraftsandlace

I tried using the page as a coaster and make a ring but apparently I am a very clean coffee drinker. Oh well! Fun fact: the coffee cup was full when I started taking photos and you can see it shrink further from one picture to the next.
Entering Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: Coffee and Tea. Found at: 

cup of june journal