Painting more European photos: Stone wall with a blue door


watercolor door layers

For my first official painting project in quite some time, I chose my usual subject: an architectural photo from my Europe trip. I went for an almost diorama look by layering an old photo mat, my painting of the stone wall, and the painting of the door. This dimensional idea came to me after I messed up the original door and, in my irritated state, cut it out of the wall.  The yellow wall came after layer upon layer, mostly wet washes, to create a mottled effect. The original photo is below and I believe was taken in Dijon, France.



Monthly Journal Entry: March

Spring Art Journal Entry by WithCraftsAndLace for March 2015

Looking back on March and its toasty warm weather, I felt this month’s entry was all about Spring. I kept it simple in illustration, instead adding many layers for dimension. In a way, it was meant to reflect the style of a “mood board” or similar.

March Spring Themed Monthly Art Journal Entry - Withcraftsandlace The background is made of handmade paper ripped from a notebook, given to me long ago. On the textured paper, I choose to simply drop watercolor inks randomly on the paper.

March Spring Themed Monthly Art Journal Entry - WithcraftsandlaceI then alternated paper layers between packing papers and scrapbook papers for a textured, simple entry. With that, more ink was dripped or painted as needed. The final, small, focus points are the month’s label and a ripped side of a Windsor and Newton Ink packaging box, stains and all. Though I like Spring, I am glad to have this early April cooling-off period right now.

Happy April everyone!

March Spring Themed Monthly Art Journal Entry - Withcraftsandlace